Monday, May 17, 2010

My girlfriend came across this diamond in the rough, randomly searching google images. It was originally posted on Mission Mission, a blog devoted to monitoring the cult followings that transpire in the notorious mission district in SF.


  1. I saw the original drawing at Giant's solo show at Antonio Colombo's gallery in Milan, Italy.
    It was full of nice and ultra clean & precise pieces. Very inspiring.

  2. my girllll, my girllll. talkin 'bout myyyy girlll!

    i am a creeper... for sure.

  3. In Milan even, shoot thats pretty rad. I bet it looks much cleaner in person, this low res version makes it hard to read all the text around it.

    everyones got some creep in em'.

  4. Yeah sure! It's incredible how all his drawings are neat. You're definitely right when you say that giant's drawings are more better in person.

    I read that he's putting up some new posters at thee parkside on this thursday, but I guess they're screen prints not sharpie handmade ones.
    However, I think I'll go there and see