Friday, March 5, 2010

Leader V.2 729TRK

Leader will soon be releasing their V.2 of the 729trk. Some new features to the bike are the redesigned gussets, the improved dropouts, and chain tensioning system. Probably the biggest overall change to the bike is the circle/rounded tubing, instead of the tear drop shaped tubes that the v.1 and v.1.5 are equipped with.

Retail on the new Leader 729TRK V.2 is $469

My buddy Jeff (the kid who won Leaders new bike for a new year competition) talked to the guys at leader and they said that they would be shipping out his V.2 monday. Stoked. I still have yet to decide if i want the v.1.5 with the tear drop shaped tubes, or go with the new v.2. I suppose newer is better, and they say change is good, so who knows maybe I'll scoop up a v.2 for myself instead.

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