Sunday, April 4, 2010

REVOKED Premiere

My lady on here new bike. Needless to say Im green with envy.
A picture of me riding up the tree while we waited for everything to get started.

Chris from Locked Cog showed up and was sessioning this ledge when we got there.

The moment our group arrived to the spot Squeak busts out the gate with a feeble to 180 off the stair set, to half cab out, then does it again on the second set of stairs. All first try might I  mind you. What can I say the guys got skillz.

Chris with a stylin' 180 barspin, while we were all waiting/ warming up for the trick comp.

I was apart of the first bracket of riders, riding with Chris (lockedcog), and Daniel.

Some hops on that barspin, and the kid is only 14.

180 barspin. The Fixter trick of choice.

Squeak was doing some crazy foot jam nose keo. Basically he was as shown above but spining a 360. Redunk.

All hail Thomas champion of the courts. For those who aren't aware the courts in the panhandle are essentially Thomas's bread and butter. Locals Only Brah.

Daniel was ripping up the stair sets. He was the first one out of the group to 180 the that stair set. Which later resulted to his front tire blowing out in a blast of glory.

Chris trying to throw either a 180 or a 3. Not quite sure he was doing both. And the pain of not landing a 3.

Henry Ho partook in the bail off as well. Managing to stay strapped in. Thats commitment. Henry had indisputably the cleanest 180 barspins. Catching them in the air and landing em' like butter.

Thomas successfully pulling a 180 down a 3 stair for the first time. New personal best. At the end of the day Thomas got a smiley face sticker. Metaphorically speaking that is.

Hands down one of the largest 180 off the 7 stair all day. He later set up the bench and was bunny hopping over it, as well as grinding up and off it. 

Squeak's 360 off the stair set. The guy is pretty ridiculous throwing this on somebody else's bike. Coming up just a tad short, but still a solid land by anybodies definition.


  1. where did this take place? i would have love to come out and watch... hope it went good for you man. i cant wait to get my new bmx bike rebuilt this summer... this took me back to why i started riding in the first place.

  2. daniel, Squeak and that fourteen year old kid did the best from what i saw. i was only there for the first round since i didn't bring my bike. you through some big keo at the flat area slumworm