Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mull & Molina On SE

A couple shots of DJ Mull and Gus Molina, that I pulled off of Pedal Consumption a few weeks ago. I just haven't had enough time to post much lately. Both of them on their SE Lagers, running dual 26" on the front. I wonder if it's because the frame has tight clearance, and the 26 allows for more room to barspin.

Edit: DJ sent me a message, saying that they are currently riding the cromo Lager, until SE releases their SE street frame. Be on the look out for photos of the frame, which was designed by some of Cali's finest BMX frame designers, sometime towards the end of this month. Sounds solid.


  1. the lager will barspin 700 even with the stock raked fork

  2. I know it barspins the stock fork. Im just curious how much clearance it has compared to the Charge, Thrasher, or Trick Star.

  3. In that photo i am running a 700 but I really do ride a 26 most of the time now,but anyways the lager spins better then the charge and the leader,but idk about the thrasher,but the lager isn't a trick frame,it is a cromo frame that we are riding till the se street frame comes out and it will be dope man,check around the end of the month for photos,it's a way dope frame.designed by Cali's best,by the se team and also riders from other sponsors that are just trying to push the sport,also it is drawn up and the angles are all checked by some of bmx's best frame designers,big things coming for s e bikes , check their site and watch for updates!