Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hooligan Havoc Trick Comp

Here are a few of the photo's that I managed to grab, in between heats, during the Hooligan Havoc Trick Comp on Friday. There was a pretty large turnout, to the comp. (Guesstamation - 400 - 600 people) Out of all of those people, only a dozen riders, actually signed up and competed, at a chance to win a 700 dollar wheelset. If you can't tell just by the sneakers, thats Squeeks' lucky paint job. The only thing about luck, is one day it wears off. Over all the day was a blast, came home with a bunch of free gear, and a handfull of tee-shirts.

Comp Results
1st - Squeeks
2nd - Slum
3rd - John
4th - Donghoh Fosho
5th - Little Matt