Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Star Nectar

 My buddy Scott recently got Jeff and I hooked up with Star Nectar. Based out of San Jose the drink has a refreshing tea like taste, that is surprisingly good for you.  Eric the Founder of the drink rolled over to my house today and dropped of a few cases for me to pass out and drink. Looks like I'm set for the summer on beverages. Too clutch. 

If you want to try some, roll over to my pad. The fridge is stocked. 


  1. Dude this is way legit. These photos are awesome. Do they need some advertising?

  2. They are just starting up and are looking for any form of promotion. Scott was getting hooked up with em' and he convinced the guy to do up the whole team ie. (me and jeffy).

    If they are i'll send em your way.