Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back Yard Bangers

I love riding peoples janky back yard set ups. It always makes for an interesting session. Realize when I say Janky, I dont mean it in a bad way, it just adds to the flavor. Today JeffyD and I went over to our friends Evan, and Lane Daniels' house to shred, and film at  their little set up in their backyard. Which was nothing more than a few quarter pipes, a halfpipe, and a box skewed throughout this field with overgrown grass, and weeds. Just don't fall on the splintered quarter, or get eaten by wasps and you should be alright.


  1. Ah that looks so fun. Great shots! What kind of effect did you use on your photos. I've seen it before. Does it have to do with your flash?

  2. I didn't use a flash for any of these pictures. Its all about the post process. I import all my photos into adobe lightroom 2. then tweak them in there, until i get my desired look. The cool thing about Lightroom is that i holds your entire photo library, and you can save presets, making it easier to batch edit photos.

  3. Ah, all right. Thanks man, i appreciate it. Keep up the great photos!