Friday, July 2, 2010

MIA Born Free

MIA's new video is stirring up quite the controversy. Her latest music video "Born Free" was put up on Youtube, but was quickly taken off, due to it's disturbing, and graphic content. The video can still be seen on the artists website at MIAUK.

I made my two ginger friends Scott, and Gonzo sit down and watch the 9 minute video. About 7 minutes in Scott objects the video, and says, "I don't see the point of this music video." It's a music video Scott, it doesn't have to have a point.

Gonzo on the other hand thinks that it's prediction of the future, and that it is a reaction to SB 1070. A senate bill passed in Arizona, that gives police the right to arrest people on "reasonable suspicion". Giving them the right to hold you in jail, until you can prove that you are a US citizen.

1 comment:

  1. To some the point of the video is a bit too blatantly obvious that it loses its appeal.