Friday, August 27, 2010

Wheel Talk On SkullyBoom

A few days ago we got our first shipment of SB1's from SkullyBoom, and all I have to say is Daayum these things slump. I think what surprises people the most is the quality of the bass on these little guys. I can see a definite market for these guys in the fixed scene. Unlike skateboards which make so much white noise that it is almost impossible to even carry on a conversation while riding. Fixed gears are smooth, and make hardly any noise making it easy for anybody within a 20-40 foot radius to be banging their heads to the same beat you are.

Im going to set up an on-line store within the next week or so, where you can buy Skullybooms off of us. They are going to be $50 online w/shipping, or $40 in person. In addition to selling the SB1's we are going to start selling WT Tee's and stickers.


  1. I love my Skullyboom! I rock it EVERYWHERE I go. Glad to see they are catchin on now :)

  2. These bad boys are LOUD and way worth it!