Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wheel Talk Compound

On Saturday we spent some time getting rowdy at "The Wheel Talk Compound", doing a little bit of product testing, while filming for a bike check with our good friends Joe and Chris from the 555. Both Joe and Chris are Film Majors at the Academy, and I couldn't ask for any body more perfect for the job. The production value from these guys will blow you away. Expect to see footage from the day within the next couple of  days. It's going to be unlike anything you've ever seen, at least from us that is.

Above are just a few of the photos that Bryan Dempler managed to get while we were riding around filming for the upcoming bike check. You can see more of his photos from that day by clicking HERE.
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


  1. damn man cant get an invte?

  2. remember, youre too cool for the bay!