Sunday, November 14, 2010

Concrete Affair

As much as I like riding street, I could never ride street for the rest of my life. There are too many things that street obstacles and modern day architecture lack. Smooth transitions is one of them. Skate parks offer a multitude of different obstacles condensed into a small area, making it easier to link different tricks. Considering that most parks are made by riders for riders, how could you go wrong. Thats just one of the reasons why I could never resist this Concrete Affair.


  1. the gilroy park transitions are horrible :( if riders made this park they were some messed up dudes haha.. the curb around the whole park is really retarded too..

  2. you can find smooth tranny in the street, you can find all kinds of weird stuff that a park designer would never think of in the street, its just a challenge to find it.

  3. It's a bitch to find good transition in it's natural enviornment. Thats why we've started just making quarterpipes out of stacks of palettes, dirt and wood.

    This would be prime, if they had one in every town.

    This is what we make do with.

  4. hahaha that last pic is off the hook.. looks dangerous