Sunday, November 14, 2010

SF Bike Expo 2010 : Fixed Gear Trick Comp

The ramps that they had set up for the BMX and Fixed Gear Trick Comp at this years SF Bike Expo were too legit. It made it interesting riding among some pretty decent sized ramps, specially since they were made for the guys on BMX. I only managed to get some shots of the Amateur Fixed Gear Comp, because I was riding in the Pro class and didn't have time to take pics of both.

The first shot above is of Kenny from Chrome doing a crazy no hander off the back of the truck bed, I captured it as he was coming back to find his bars, but if you click on the picture and zoom in, you can tell.

Jakob Santos was getting down that day. Grinding feeble down the hubba, 180'ing the spine, bar spinning up the quarter pipe on to the truck bed. Boothby did a handplant over the spine on fixed. Brad Parker ate shit the first time he tried to barspin off of the truck bed into the transition. I've never seen anybody flip over the bars that hard in person. Corey San Agustin dub pegged down the hubba once, after that he wasn't trying to prove anything, because that hubba was tall and steep.

Ametur Results :
1st Daniel Torres
2nd Nikko Jow
3rd Kenny Arimoto
4th Dong Hoh

Pro Results : 

1st Jakob Santos
2nd Matt Reyes (Slum)
3rd Joshua Boothby
4th Scott Horton
5th Brad Parker
6th Corey San Agustin


  1. wow second place after jakob. so nice Matt!

  2. Thanks for showing some love Lucio.