Thursday, December 16, 2010

IMD Trick Comp : Video Round Up

Here are a couple other good edits of the IMD Trick Comp that have emerged within the last couple days. The top video was taken by Anna from IMD, and shows a pretty good amount of what went down that day. The bottom video is a little more low budget, but shows better angles of some of the bangers. Peep out the shot of me twisting the f*ck out of my ankle @ {2:09}, and the back to back feeble barspins from Jakob and I @ {2:35}.


  1. thats my video on the bottom! low budget for sure, wish i would of took my time a little more, nothing i can do about that picture quality though, maybe one day i will get a better camera.

    good jobs to all you guys by the way, im jealous, i try to learn a little fg freestyle but i learn slow and have no friends who are into it(im getting old!), helps when you have friends to ride with and push you to do better. you guys put on an awesome show, great job.

  2. Don't get me wrong I wasn't bashing on the quality. I liked that you caught me rolling my ankle, and got a killer angle on that last shot. I love mikes reaction. Jumps up and smashes his beer into the ground. classic.

  3. its cool i didnt think you were bashing at all. some of those other edits put mine to shame, especially in picture quality. i really didnt think my video was all that good, so im stoked you posted it here. i would have took more time editing if i knew so many people would see it, its got almost 1,000 views now not even a week later.

    one of these days ill get a nice camera, maybe make some more friends in the fg community, maybe start making videos in my sparetime, who knows!

  4. I feel the same way about our videos. We make all of our web edits using only Flip Videos, I want to get a cannon T2i or a 7D, and kick things a nickel.

    Personally I liked your video the best out of all of the videos that have been surfacing over the past couple of days.