Monday, January 24, 2011

Slum : City Livin'

The second day I was up in San Francisco Bryan Dempler, and Chris & Joe from 555 Productions came out to film me ride the Kezar Handrail in Golden Gate Park. Riding on a weak wrist, I was hesitant @ first resulting in me nutted it on one of the first attempts. After that I gave my balls a min to recoup, and hit it more than a dozen times so that Chris could get it from nearly every angle. I don't know why I waste my time writing sometimes. Who honestly cares to read what I have to say?
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


  1. I actually read things because I am a massive nerd who actually cares about things and because there is an extreme lack of original content in the fgfs scene.

    Also, I always like to hear people's thoughts on these things so keep blabbing.

  2. DOPE! ^^^^^ ditto, reading is always a good thing. to bad we can't get someone to follow us around while we are riding so we can look back on all the dumb shit we sway and can quote the BS. LOL.

    Let's get a film sesh over at the compound soon. I'll be on SJ this weekend and have friday off. I need to get it all out before school starts.


  3. I read what you right. I agree with Tom. No ones posts original shit. Like Prolly/Zlog/PC all seem recycled and then completely recycled to everyones blog/tumblr/fb...etc. I am stokked for whats coming soon for the blog.

  4. Slum Talk MILLIONAIRE! Haha, but for real you dudes are coming on STRONG for the new year.