Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slum Shots

Yesterday Gonz and I went up to San Jose to meet up with Scott Horton, and Ed Laforte to go ride. We ended up @ the Calabazas Bike Shop where they had an Animal / Skavenger demo. We spent some time riding the obstacles along side some of the other guys on BMX. The strange looks quickly disappeared once they saw us actually ride. Here are a couple shots from last night a tucked air out of the weird half shell, and an ice pick going mach 5 across the whole thang.


  1. That Icepick shot came out perfect. The last one I shot and the best one to come out. The flash is a real game changer to the photo quality.

  2. I agree with Gonzo. The first picture is amazing too. it seems that you're flying.
    Great stuff as always guys, I miss those days in SJ