Monday, February 28, 2011

Bike Check : Joe Kay's P20

Yesterday I rolled by the skatepark to get  in a little riding in, and make use of the cool weather. The moment I got there I saw Joe Kay pulling up in his car to ride the park. Here are a couple of the shots that I got of his new Specialized P20 build. The redesigned headtubes look killer with the new cut out. Only thing left to do now is spray paint, or sticker bomb that steerer tube.

  • Frame : Specialized P20
  • Fork :Fit blade
  • Bars : Specialized
  • Stem : Fit Topload
  • Cranks : Primo Hollowbites "best cranks ever"
  • Chainring : Shadow Ravgener 28T
  • Wheels / Hubs : Primo Mix 9t LHD/ Premium Lit V2
  • Tires : Specialized Compounds
  • Seat : Shadow Crow Fat


  1. Is that Headtube going to be on the p-fix (sayyes)

  2. Yes. The PFIX will have the cut out head tube.