Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog Merch Becoming A Growing Trend

It has become a growing trend, for bloggers that have a following to have merchandise. In the form of printing T-Shits, stickers, as well as actual bike parts. LockedCog has some mad decent tee's ranging from 10-15 doll hairs +SAH. Pretty good deal if you ask me. You can scoop em at the Lockedcog Store.

The Heavy Pedal has 6 shirts up for sale on The Heavy Pedal Store, all priced at 20 ducks. Digging the colors on this one.

It seems like everybody has a Pedal Consumption sticker on their ride. I feel out of the loop. He has a range of colors, as well as a tee, and several bike parts up for sale. Pedal Consumption BigCartel.
If your talking screen printing on t-shirts you can't leave out Torrey, who seems to have a new shirt coming out every other week. Each shirt with the patented WRAHW logo. You can pick one up at the WRAHW BigCartel.

The only big name in the game that I can think of that doesn't have a lineup of merch is Prolly. He'd be the one with a big enough cult following to really push some product.

All this talk has got me wondering if maybe it's about time that Slumworm unleashed a Tee.

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