Friday, December 24, 2010

V2 Revisions : Barspin Clearance

Here is a shot of the barspin clearance on the large V2 Prototype w/ 26 x 2.3's, 172.5 cranks, and a 405 AC fork. Still trying to get used to the fact that I don't have to worry about hitting my toe ever again. Made the top tube on the bike a touch longer, and played with the head tube angle. The production fork is going to be somewhere between 417 and 420 AC, making the toe clearance even better than what it already is. I'll make an update with a photo showing the clearance on the medium sized frame with 175's.


  1. Wat about Size Small clearance and how does eac size fit or how will the production sizes fit

  2. Small - JeffyD sized

    Medium - Average sized rider

    Large - Chris Fonseca Sized.

    I've been running the large, and it is easy enough to throw around. It just has a taller stand over height, making it feel more like a 700c.

  3. when is this baby coming out i wanna get it asap and i hope the toe clearance is good