Monday, January 17, 2011

Local Video Round Up

Heres a pretty healthy helping of FGFS web edits from some of the local (Bay Area) riders. PFG just recently dropped a new edit chalk full bails. I really liked Kenny's dub peg no hander, and hard fall over the double. Jakob Santos put out some winter clips. Some of which are of him and Jesse riding @ The Compound. threw in a single clip of Anthony Wreckless one of San Jose's finest flicking a bar off the Cesar Chavez 3 block. Killin' it. And last but not least there is Dawson Phan's 2011 edit. Until this point I haven't seen any video of him riding. The video is loaded with some pretty big tricks. Dawson needs  to be on 26's.


  1. 2:21 in Dawson's edit, The Nollie Bar...SHOOOO BOY!!!

  2. "I don't like how 4 videos looks"
    LOLOL just giving you a hard time :D

  3. SHOO BOY dat boy needs some 26's in his life!