Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forest Parker : Wall Tap @ The Compound

With all the rain we've been having its made it difficult to ride The Compound. Which stays wet for days on end and as a result has been nearly completely overgrown with this lush green grass. Forest Parker, Alex Blonco and a couple other riders from San Jose came down to ride our facilities last weekend. I wasn't there @ the time, but lucky for them Forest brought his camera and managed to catch some great shots. Can't wait until the days get longer and it decides to stop raining so that we can put some time into cleaning up The Compound, and get back into riding hard on the daily.
Photo Credit : Derek Dazzle Edit :  Forest Parker


  1. Who is dazzle? I follow his tumblr and he posts on tricktrack, but I've never seen pics or video of him riding, just pics of his bike.

  2. D4zZle rides lightweight. It's just where dazzle lacks the tricks, he makes up for in knowledge of bikes. Hence the reason why you see him all over tricktrack. He contributes to the scene in other ways.

  3. Yes yes sorry i dont put out edits, my trick skills are not up to par to make an edit... ill practice more and try to put out an edit somtime in the future when i feel more comfortable with my new bike <3