Friday, September 24, 2010

The Specialized + Wheel Talk Introduction

Here is the Introduction to the new Specialized + Wheel Talk frame, and hub. We filmed this over at the Wheel Talk Compound in just a few hours with Al Boneta, the Bike Developer in charge of the project. We'll be putting out an edit of us laying down some lines at the park in the next couple weeks. Keep it posted. 
Filmed by Joe Mesiano & Chris Marino


  1. these look sick!!! i cant wait to hear more on the completes,

    question though if all these bikes are gonna have 9t drivers as freewheels where are the brake mounts?

  2. These are just prototypes so no brake bosses were added. Production frames will include removable brake bosses.

  3. killer vid, shit rules.

  4. Solid work Al!
    Thanks for sharing all the info on this amazing free-style action these TW fixie kats are producing. I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future on these inexpensive rigs like you mentioned in the vid.
    BTW Lizard is diggin the on the wip.