Friday, February 4, 2011

PFIX : MED V2 Build

Here is the latest V2 PFIX Prototype build. This bike definitely looks hard all murdered out black with red anodized components. This is probably as close of a look as it gets, to what the production models will look like, with a few minor changes. Aside from that this bike is pretty close to completion. here's a quick look at the first generation PFIX straps.
  • Medium Frame
  • -2 BB Drop
  • 175 cranks
  • 25x10 gearing
  • 417.5 AC Fork
  • 29" 1 Piece Bars
  • Dual 26's w/ 2.2's
  • Female Front Hub


  1. How much do you think the frame is going to cost?

  2. Any inkling as to how Specialized will handle sales? Will they be strictly limited to shops that have a preexisting account? (Will they be available to shops that support, promote, and specialize in fixed?) We'd would love to carry the completes here at Ace Metric (no plug intended) but there's no way we would be able to start an account by their normal standards (huge minimum). Sucks if they ignore this issue cause you'll only be able to buy the bike from the "all around" shops which typically shrug off fixed freestyle. Thanks!

  3. bike looks sick! cant wait to get my hands on one! where can i find a 10t cog!?

  4. ...btw, not only would we love to stock the PFIX line, I would love for this to be my personal trick set up!