Monday, February 14, 2011

Slum : Sessions @ The Compound

Yesterday we got together WT, PFG, the IMD team, and a bunch of other riders from San Jose and had a fat group session @ The Compound. I think that it is safe to say that yesterday was the most amount of people The Compound has ever seen at one time. With a little more than a dozen of us riding around, finding lines, and following each other, there was plenty of action going on. Reggie from IMD and Forest Parker were there getting video of all of it. look for it in the next couple weeks. Here are a couple of pictures that Jeff's younger brother Matthew Dempler took of me using his wide angle lens. Photo Credit : Matthew Dempler

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  1. Hello I am from Spain and I want to congratulate you for your incredible blog.
    I love your P-Fix bikes. They were wonderful and have a great style. When are going to appear on the specialized page?

    Thank you.